Werndl Cartridges


Hello! Can anyone tell me what the original load was for the 11x41R Werndl M67 cartridge? The info I have is 62 grains of black powder with a 315 grain bullet. Also, when the Werndl rifles were rechambered to the 11.15x58R, was it a simple matter of lengthening the chamber, such as with the Steyr M95 from 8x50R to 8x56R, or were the cartridges vastly different? Thanks!


Base and rim diam are shligtly different but quite close ( M67 13,40 & 15,25 mm versus M77 13,82 & 15,87 mm)

—note that I have a signle M67 sample only so dimensions measured on other samples can be shligtly different ----