Werndl M77 headstamp

I need help with headstamp „E П” on Werndl M77 case. „П” looks strange, like „π” What they can mean? Unfortunately case is broken.

Sorry for bad photo.

A Greek headstamp? The symbol on the right resembles the Greek pi more than its Cyrillic alphabet equivalent, at least to my eyes. Jack

Notice the Two Firing pin indentations onthe anvil…?Reload? ( common practice up to 1914, especially for BP 11mm types) or
?Double struck? ( unreliable primer or soft hammer fall?)

Eta pi Ellas Piraeus (site of factory)
Or Ellas Piros (Greek Fire)???
The E for Ellas ( Greece) appears on nearly all Ammo made in Greece, as well as most of the foreign contract ammo as well.
Eg Eta Sigma: Ellas Stratos: Greek Army.

Doc AV

Yes, I also see it is as „Pi” symbol but still dont have any idea for it. DocAV hope u re right but Ellas Piraeus as factory looks strange especially when case was produced by G. Roth. I think it means something general like „E/Σ - Ἑλλάδος Στρατός - Elládos Stratós” on 6,5 Mannlicher-Schönauer. But thats are only my own supposition. What exacly happened to it is and will be unkown but for me looks like being special destroyed.

Those are the initials used by the Greek Powder works (Elliniko Pyritidopoieio) and same headstamp also exists in 11 x 59 R Gras. I assume they ordered empty cases from G. Roth to be later loaded in Greece.



Thanks Fede! Now I only wonder why I found it here in Poland…