West German or Dutch .30 M1 Carbine box


The box says West German but the headstamp is Dutch. There is “DM 4” on the bottom panel, 4 Deutsch Mark? So, where was it made?



DM: Deutsche Muster: German Series or Issue.The DM numbers appear on all ammo containers (labels usually) for ammo issued to the (West) German Armed Forces. System still used today with Unified Germany.

Ammo definitely NWM ( Nederlands Wapen u. Munities Industrie,
de Kruithorn, Netherlands) but possibly repacked in Germany from Surplus (German) Ammo bought by Universal Firearms. ( hence the label “Prod. W. Ger.”).

The DM 4 appearing on the Bottom half of the box would indicate that the ammo was repacked by simply replacing the Top cover of the Box from its Military version with a Commercial one as shown.

BTW, West Germany imported a lot of ammo from other “Nato” countries in the late 50s-early 60s. Eventually by the middle 60s, the W.G Army sourced nearly all its ammo from withing Germany ( RWS/DAG under different brands, and MEN. They also maintained a relationship with FNM of Portugal, as well as Hirtenberg of Austria, these “InterNato” sources lasted until the relevant factories (Portugal, Austria) went under or were dismantled.
Doc AV
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DM = deutsches Modell


sksvlad – I don’t have a Ball box but here’s what the original packaging looks like for the tracer rounds. It’s like DocAV describes except this is a folded 1-piece box the same size and shape as the 50-round boxes used by the U.S. military.


This is the NWM box from the year 1959

inside of the box


I believe that a lot of the M1 Carbines (and M2?) were used by West German Police and para-military units like the forest service, etc. The U.S. Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) recently acquired several thousand carbines with various markings indicating use by such diverse organizations.

It is likely that this resulted in a lot of ammunition being procured in smaller lots from various sources, compared to the larger lots for nationwide distribution when supplying an entire army.


This are the german model numbers of the 7.62x33:
DM11 - ball
DM51 - ball with tracer
DM18 - blank
DM10 - dummy


I have only this box from NWM made for Germany DM1


Gyro why do you think it is experimental? It looks like regular.


I think because of the number on the box:

Vers. Nr. 1305-12-120-7091

Vers. Nr = Versuchs Nummer

but it is not, I just Googled and found that

Vers. Nr = Versorgungs Nummer
which means: stock number






I had the same idea like FlyingDutchman but I was wrong…
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