West Point Museum pics

Happy New Year to everyone. Here is my New Year gift to everybody. How does the proverb go: “A thousand pictures is better than two words”. Enjoy.

Those pics are AMAZING! Thanks big time! I must save all those pics for my files. So much stuff I have never seen. Some of those guns are massive and have really interesting feed systems. Love seeing that Japanese mortar type thing at the end. I have seen the projectile for sale in the past but never imagined its launcher looking like that. GREAT STUFF and thank you!


What museum is this?

Very nice stuff and attractively displayed.


John S.
This is a museum on the grounds of West Point Military Academy, N.Y. The Academy has a status of a military installation. The museum has a search-free entrance, just drive to it. The other checkpoints are manned by MP’s. The museum is not big but is admission-free, you’ll need the whole day to go through exhibits and read what they are. It has some cool miniature displays of ancient battles.