West Point, part deux

I went back to West Point Museum upon a request of an IAA member for a particular item, but then I decided to take more pictures. Here it is, pay attention to a bullet-ridden Tokarev and Goering’s personal baton.

Vlad - Nice pictures. Thanks for posting them. I love the Smith & Wesson that G

What is the odd looking Light Machine Gun in photo 4?

Falcon - that is an M1941 Johnson Light Machine Gun, caliber .30-06, made in the USA. It was a fairly decently LMG, and was used to some extent by the Marines. Some went to partisan groups also, I believe, as have seen them in pictures in civilian hands in Europe during WWII.

And the gun under the Spad model in the penultimate pic is a Parabellum aircraft flexible gun, the late type with the skinny barrel jacket. These, as a certain person used to say, don’t show much anymore. JG

Thanks John, I knew I had seen the gun before, I have also heard the name M1941 Johnson before.