Western 12 Guage Thicket

Recently examined a Western 12 Guage beige paper case roll crimp stamped OOB on top wad.
Case has three printed narrow bands around it and is stamped on side “WESTERN, THICKET, LOAD, ADAPTED TO SHORT, RANGE SHOOTING, IN CHOKE BORE, GUNS” in 7 lines.
How did this shell differ from a regular 12 guage buck shot load?

Do not seem to find OOB, but I find it listed in shot sizes 6,71/2, and 8.


1915 is the earliest catalog I have and it is listed as Field Thicket load until 1947 when they changed the name to “Brush load”.

Thank you for the info.

The Thicket load with the 00 Buck topwad should also have a generous application of green primer sealant as the shell has been loaded for US military use & the three black bands are being used to cancel the original Thicket case print.

Not sure when this was done, perhaps wartime expedient?

So now, internally it is a typical military or sporting 9@ 00 Buck load without the spreader wads between the shot as shown by Joe.

There is no primer sealant.

The one on the left does not appear to have primer sealant either, but you can see what I mean.

This “generous application” on these three Thicket loads is typical of Western product. All these have cancellation rings & are 00 buck