Western 1917 ID

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I’m not too sure as I’m still very amature myself but I believe the round is a 30-06.


Military? Ya reckon. Ww1 ww2 ? Dadgum i started with cupla questions about bullets an now i got more questions about ww1/ww2. Lol cheers

I’m not too sure about which companies produced for wars/ in what years and what rounds.

But it is 1917 so there could be a chance it’s WW1

Sorry I cannot help in this area.


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This appears to be a .30-06 fired case. American involvement with “boots on the ground” in World War I, “The Great European War” as it was known then, began in 1917, so of course, ammunition production in the United States, already ramped up due to foreign contracts, increased even more.

This dated headstamp is military, not commercial.

Could it have been used in WW II? Of course, that is a possibility. When I was in the Army in the Mid-1950s, we were still using Evansville Chrysler .45 pistol ammunition made in WWII, including in 1943. It was not quite as old as a 1917 cartridge being used in the first half of the 1940s, but it was not exactly “hot of the press.”

Still, depending on where it was found, it would have been more likely fired during WWI.

John Moss

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John is correct, appears to be a 30-06.
See picture below for some early military headstamps (sorry for the bad quality picture)

Western 7-17
Western 1917
Western 1918

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