Western 1917

Hello Ladies and Gents,
If i could bother someone for a lil knowledge about a rifle casing,i love shooting hunting etc,matter of fact im at the camp now in s ms😁 i also love to search for relics. I came across this rifle casing while walkin a creek near wiggins ms,headstamp Western 1917. Offhand id say it was 06,ive no way to measure at moment but the neck of a 270 winchester short mag will will slide into western casing neck snugly. With lil research ive found their is an old german pow camp few miles south and there was also U.S army rifle range. Not sure of dates tho. Any info will b greatly appreciated.
Thanks Brian.

Does it look like this?

No sir. It just has western 1917. Id send a pic but im still learning navigation an such. Besides i tried to take pic while ago but i just cudnt seem to get ph cam to focus clearly.

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Can you take a side shot?

I have two variations of the Cal. .30 M-1906 headstamped “WESTERN 1918” but no 1917, and you are probably correct it is a .30-06.

Could have come from as you note the army range or perhaps some hunter / target shooter. No real way of knowing.

Probably to far out of date for issue to guards at a WW II German internment camp.

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