Western .22 Super Match Gold


I came into a partial carton of Western .22 Super Match Gold ammunition. From the lot number stamping, it appears to have been made in either December 1975 or December 1995. As I think the Western trademark was discontinued by 1995, I’m betting they are from 1975. Correct?


Western Super Match Gold was introduced in 1975 and discontinued in 1982.


Just as a matter of future reference, last week I fired one box of the Western Gold at 50 yards through my Winchester Model 52B with a 12X Unertl scope. I fired ten 5 shot groups as carefully as I could, and it was a very calm day. The average group extreme spread (C-to-C) was 0.542", with a maximum of 0.742", and a minimum of 0.300". I think that’s pretty good performance. By use of my previously explained calculation, that amounts to a 50 yard circle of maximum dispersion of 1.01" (98% confidence level) for an infinite number of shots.