Western 28 ga. aluminum shotshell

Found these 2 28 ga.aluminum 2 3/4" shot shells in the bowels of the backroom of my favorite gun shop. Both western Super X one marked “9” shot the other “6L” head stamp is a single “B” at the 9 o’clock. appears to be a rifle type primer rather than a shot shell type. Slight roll type crimp with a plain waxed tan card top wad.Were these related to the M35 .410 survival gun ? Or an experiment?


All part of Winchester & Western’s dabble into making aluminum cased shells in the mid-1950’s like the actual 20 ga shells in your other post on the14 ga dummy. Made the “14” ga with thick rims so then would not not chamber in a wrong gun. You will find these with up to three letters in the headstamp in the various gauges, also different case lengths, topwads (both metal & paper used), crimps & primers.
Seem to go on forever.

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The internet searches for 28 aluminum cartridges have pretty sparse results. The only thing found was an old thread on this site and the pictures were gone. They must have made a few dummy rounds for the 28 .like to find one of those.

Generally you can right click on the rectangle where the picture was and select open in new tab and the image will then show in a new tab.

Thanks, didn’t know that.

Here are my 2 Western & a label Xerox. (both with the “B” headstamp) The 6L load (lead???) I have marked as from New Haven. I don’t have any Winchester marked or unmarked 28 other than that mentioned above but do have actual 12’s the 14’s (actally 20) plus some orange & red anodized.

These are kind of neat! Just what I need another collecting fit…

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for PetedeCoux ,your rounds are very nice with their marking

I thought that 6L stands for LUBALOY size 6 shot?
I know this was correct for the old red paper cased 12ga shells.

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Certainly possible Ron, Thanks

And ammogun yes, sometimes you get lucky/

As far as I know, Lubaloy was a bullet jacket material of around 90 % copper, 9 % zinc and 1 % tin. In other words, a gilding alloy. Is this really a probable mid-50s material for shot pellets?

They might well have been testing these loads with plated shot. Which is not uncommon, added expense at the retail store but some folks do / did buy it.

That said I don’t know with any certainty but Ron’s suggestion does make sense.

Lubaloy was a copper plated shot introduced by Winchester in 1929.
I got this info years ago so assumed it was correct.

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Thank you for the clarification. Plated lead shot makes more sense to me than Lubaloy pellets.

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