WESTERN 30-30 headstamp

Greetings all, I am new to the group! I have a cartridge with headstamp “WESTERN 30-30”. I know Frank W. Olin formed Western Cartridge Company in 1898 in East Alton, Illinois (Western Cartridge Company – Wikipedia page), but have not been able to find anything else online. I am really interested in 1. the timerange for this headstamp, and 2. where it was manufactued (anywhere other than East Alton)?

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Welcome to the Forum. The headstamp on your cartridge was used up until the SUPER-X line was extended to that caliber I believe around the late 1930’s. Not sure when it was first loaded by Western with that headstamp.

If you go above to the Reference section the IAA provides, there is a link to a catalog collection including some from Western. You might find some more specific info there.


Thank you so much Dave.

Checked the catalogs as suggested. SUPER X in by 1938, and not in the 1936 catalog. So, circa 1937 would be an end date.

When do you think they might have begun? The company began 1898, and the first Western catalog on this website is 1915 (which HAS the 30-30 Win offered). So, sometime between 1898-1915, but can this be tightened up you think?


Hopefully someone who has a specialty of Western collecting can help out. Great that you were able to find what info you did from the IAA reference collection!


Smokeless powder
First offered in 1912.
Western headstamp.

Yes, the IAA ref collection is fantastic! A lot of time consuming work has obviously gone into scanning and making those available to the larger community. Looking forward to those Winchester catalogs!

Thank you!