Western 357 magnum metal piercing box

I am wondering if anyone out there has a much better quality photo of the box label shown below? It is a Western metal piercing box of the print-style used from the late 1930’s through the late 1950’s, but it is an odd variation to me. For years the only type I had ever seen or known was the version of nearly-identical blue & yellow box which did not say “lubricating alloy” or “nickel plated case” on the label, but the one below shows this print. The 357mag metal piercing boxes are relatively more rare than the 38spl boxes of this era, which contributes to this versions rarity I suppose, and I am wondering if anyone has the exact same box from below with a better image? The two versions are nearly identical other than the “nickel plated” and “lubricating alloy” mentions on the top.


Matt, their quality is not the best, but here are some pictures:



Thanks Fede, that is the one.

bdgreen - that link shows a good photo of the other version without the “lubricating alloy” and “nickel plated” text. These are the only two print versions that I am aware of for the 357mag blue & yellow variant of this box type. The 38spl box in this style has 4 print variations that I know of.