"western 38 special"

This thing has a very deeply positioned double cannelure and a strange almost dimpled domed primer. Is this normal?

DSCF4499 DSCF4498

normally these “cannelures” are placed deeply for wad cutter loading ,but on your round the bullet is incorrectly loaded
your round maybe a “reload” ,so the domed primer would be inserted with too much force with the tool and where a dimple on it

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Thanks, is the bullet inserted upside down?

no i think the bullet is not sufficient inserted but it in the good sens ,normally wad cutter bullets had cavity in the bottom

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It looks to me more likely that someone cur the head off a round bullet to make a “Wad Cutter”, perhals for defence use.
Back in the day, reloaders simply loaded the Hollow Base Wad Cutter upsidedown to have an enormous Hollow Point.

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