Western .45 ammo box ?date

I’ve just picked this up and wondering if anyone can suggest a date that this was made? There are no other markings on the box other than those shown below:



Darren, What is the headstamp on the cartridges?

Box is sealed up in cellophane and I didn’t want to open it. Was hoping the lot number might be sufficient. I know it isn’t a factory seal but I also know I cannot re-wrap it that nicely! I probably will break down and open it though.

Lot Number WCC-6787 contains cartridges headstamped “W C C 6 9” so your rounds
were likely made in 1969 as well.

John L. Moss

Thanks John

I noticed a tear in the cellophane today when moving the box and decided to unwrap it and open the box. Here is the HS:

I checked them all and they are all the same. Re-packed perhaps?