Western 45 Colt

Hello everyone, Came across your site as I was chasing some info on a time frame for this ‘Western 45 Colt’ cartridge. Have cruised the forums to see if anyone had pos!ted some dates, but didn’t see the desired info. Maybe I missed it somewhere or didn’t dig far enough. Lots of great info was in the forums under the search ‘Western’ and ‘Western 45 Colt’ … Any time frame for this mis-fire, or a guess-ti-mate ? LiL back story, found at a location that was a railroad depot that opened about 1906 and closed in the mid 40’s . Thanks .

Since it has no crimp at the base of the bullet I’m assuming it’s a black powder loading. If you can learn when Western discontinued production of their black powder loading in this caliber it should give you a “no later than” date. Jack

Thanks Jack, gives me a lead … 😉