Western Auto Stores 12g box


The seller told me that (before my time) there was a big auto parts chain called Western Auto Stores, and they sold ammo (like every other place at that time, without permits and ID’s). Anyone can add to this story?


Bought my first centerfire rifle at a Western Auto store. A model 94 Winchester in caliber .30 W.C.F.


I Bought my first 22/22mag Ruger Single Six at the Local Western Auto store, I was 17 and my mother had to sign for it ! Revelation Rifles and shotguns, were on the walls, and ammo was for sale. Montgomery Wards and Sears, J.C. Penny’s had their brands and sold ammo also, most hardware stores sold guns and ammo back then.
I bought a Marling Model 60 22 automatic rifle at J.C. Penny’s, in 1975 or 6 for $38.00 , they didn’t even ask for ID.I took it home on the bus…Try that today.
Bummer I’m showing my age !



Information from several internet sources -

In March, 1909, in Kansas City, Missouri, twenty-three year old George Pepperdine (who later founded Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, California) started a company that became known as the Western Auto Supply Company (more commonly known as Western Auto), initially as a mail order company. The first store opened in 1921.

Western Auto became an iconic brand, known for selling auto parts, firearms/ammunition, tools, hardware, bicycles, radios and appliances.

In 1939 Pepperdine sold his interests in Western Auto Supply Company. A company out of Minneapolis, the Gamble-Skogmo Company purchased controlling shares from Pepperdine. The company continued to grow into the nationwide chain.

At one point, there were over 1,200 company-owned stores nationwide, usually located in metropolitan areas, and more than 600 associate stores (private franchise “dealer” locations), usually located in small cities and towns.