Western Box Question


I have this Western .32 S&W Long Super Match box in my collection.

The interesting thing to me is that the INSIDE of the box has all the graphics on it also. It appears to have been doubled up with a second box glued inside. Is this a normal thing, to have doubled up boxes? And if it is, why not just use plain cardboard? I have not seen any other boxes made this way.



Is your photo playing tricks on me ??..The inside of the box appears to have same graphics as outside but they appear to be a mirror image…almost as if the outside ink “bled through”…??

I have also not seen any boxes like this, although I seem to remember previous posts here on the forum about boxes with grapichs within…



If the box blanks went through a machine to be folded & glued, then it is possible that one was pressed against another and glued/assembled to each other that way. If that were the case, then there must be some sort of guide tray that keeps things square to enable two cardboard flats to align just like that and be glued together perfectly. I would guess that most of these mistake boxes would be weeded out by the factory workers who would have manually inserted the cartridge trays into the boxes, since they might notice a tight fit, and would reject it.

We’ve seen stranger things like bullets loaded upside-down or headstamps crushed into bullets from stuck cases, rimless cases with no grooves, etc…


Matt–The only thing wrong with your “Two flats stuck together” theory is that, if it were the case, all you would see inside the box was the blank inside of the second box, not the printed side.


Randy–Your right. I didn’t even notice the inside box was reversed. I doubt, since it is relatively thick cardboard, that it is bleed through. What it could be is offset from the printing backing plate. If the press missed picking up a blank the backing roller would receive the ink instead of the blank and it would be reversed. Then the next blank would be printed in reverse 0n the backside and normally on the front. That still does not explain the double cardboard.


In terms of two boxes stuck together I meant that it would have to happen that one would somehow get flipped by being stuck on something, and end up back-to-back with another one before being folded & glued by the machinery. But now that I look at it closely, that couldn’t be it since it is truly mirrored with backwards printing etc…


Does the doubling up occur very often?