Western "Bullseye" Box Questions

It has never been my goal to collect cartridge boxes, nor can I afford to start “collecting”. However, I have managed to “acquire” a few to answer some of my own questions.

Working on some Winchester box dates, I am paralleling some Western boxes as well…all for the 44-40.

Not finding photos, and not able to afford to purchase examples, I have had to “photoshop” what I do have on hand as explanation examples. Not fully understanding what I just wrote, I will try to make it short…

I am looking to narrow the dates of the Western “Bullseye” (as referred to be collectors) design boxes. There appears to be three for the 44-40 spanning between 1946ish and 1959ish before the transition to the 1960 Yellow box.

The above box appears to be the early 1946ish K3172T box with the “(Lubricating Alloy)” call-out to include the “S.P.” Bullet call-out. The end labels lack the later “4440” K-code replacement and the K-code is only present on one side label. (photo-shopped label could lack accuracy).

This second label above, shows the 1948 K-code change from K1372T to K1372C. The “Lubricating Allow” call-out has been removed along with the S.P. from in front of the “Bullet” call-out.

This pre-1960 box shows the same graphics but has changed from the K-code to the “4440” call-out on the end labels.

I am going to incorrectly label these boxes as…

  1. 1946 KT code
  2. 1948 KC code
    3 1950 4440 code

Can anyone give me correct dates and any other information. I have come to a dead-end on my search.

The “4440” box is in my collection that I didn’t want to collect ;-) I was able to find a few empty boxes at a fraction of the cost. My box is has a PN61 (1959) date code.

To avoid any further confusion, those are only the side and end labels, here is the top label for the “4440” box as seen on the end labels.

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Product code changed from a “K Code” to a number code on 9mm Luger in the 1 Sep 1952 price list.



If I might point out the boxes illustrated are not “Bullseye” design boxes?

Beats me, maybe I misread it somewhere…Was it “Target”?

Yeap, I used “Target” in my notes, not Bullseye…lol, sorry!!

Thanks Lew, that is a great help!!!

I could shoot myself, I just purchased a K1372C box so I will update the photo when I get it.

There is a a “Bullseye” brand those you show were not it, nor are they made for target shooting but for hunting. The .44 WCF at that time was not a match type firearm, back when Cowboys were Cowboys.

Western had a Marksman brand .22 RF and made boxes for the shooting gallery market & those were marked Gallery. As far as I’m aware Marksman brand was for .22 RF not CF.

The Bullseye boxes (below) actually had a Bullseye / target on the box top, and were from a much later time than you show, and again unless a specific loading was used, like a wadcutter lead bullet in a .38 SPL which was a common match loading, then they were hunting / plinking loads.

The “Bullseye” was a brand name / logo used to promote the high quality of the product. “Target” as far as I’m aware was not a brand name, for any American maker at this time.

Edited to correct a misconception I had regarding the boxes shown. Some how I thought you were showing a top side with a code & ends. So in looking at the above side of the.38 WCF box I now see what you were showing. So if those sides you show have the top I show, then indeed you have Bullseye boxes And I’m sorry for causing you confusion…

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Pete, it is easy for me to get confused when learning. I was correct then by calling that box the “Bullseye” box as I originally called it. That is what collectors call it or so I was told. I will edit my topic as I had it before. Thanks for the feedback!

Here is my box with code stamp PN61, which may be 1959

I have another box coming and it is the 1948 era K3172C. Maybe I can find the stamp code when I get it to narrow down the date.


I received my KC box today. This sheet shows both the K1372C and 4440 boxes. That’s a lot of money just to snap a few photos…LOL Sheet

Correct me if my descriptions are wrong, I am still learning!

Both Western and Winchester used up old labels in spite of later labels being approved. Even if Western dropped “Lubaloy” in 1948, they would have continued to use up the labels so 22 Aug 1949 is likely the correct packing date of this box.


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