Western Bullseye Boxes


Could someone please let me know the approx. years they were in production?

2nd question-
Here’s a .25-20 Hi Velocity box. I’m thinking that it might date between 1930 and the mid-late 1940’s when the Hi Velocity variation was discontinued.
Do you think that date range would be correct?

THis particular box has a date code of A3KA9. Only the top of the first figure is visible. It appears to be an A but could be a 1 or an L or I.

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Should be Jan 9, 1935…for answer to your 2nd…



This is a box in my collection that was passed down to me by my father. It stayed in his desk from my first memories in the 1950’s and I’m fairly certain he bought it after WWII because he did not own a .38 until then. One end flap is missing but on the other is the code A2XM62. On the front are two 5cent SC tax stamps and on the back, in grease pencil 2.70 (the original price). I always thought these were from 1947 or so but perhaps they are older?


Chief…My belief is that these boxes made their appearance in the late '20’s or early '30’s and were also made for a time in some calibers after WW2…

Yours would have been filled on Nov. 26, 1946…



Thanks Randy. Its good to know for certain on the date.