Western Cartridge box time frames

Hi all, I’m new here, just found the site, really interesting. I inherited a couple of guns from my Uncle (to him from his Brother) who was a County Sheriff here in N. Texas in the 30’s. I wanted to display them with some period correct ammo. I watched the auction sites for a couple of years, and managed to pick up 2 boxes of vintage Western ammo for the display. Actually, I bought 2 partial boxes of the .45 Colt to get a full box, but lucked into a full box of the .380 for his “vest pocket gun”. I was wondering if someone here could tell me the approximate date range of the Western ammo packaged in these style boxes. THX Ed

Ed–That style box was used from 1935-1941.

Thanks Ron, I was hopeing it was period correct, he was sheriff in the mid-late 30’s.

Congrats on the great family guns! It’s good to see family history preserved. Keep them for your kids and tell them the family story. It’s important.