Western Cartridge Co 30-06 frangible T44


Anyone seen a full crate of these before - its a first for me. The owner is looking for a loving home, but I can’t see where I would need 75 boxes.

Per HWS Vol 2, production for the T44 was started at the Frankford Arsenal and Western Cartrige Co in mid-1944, with the St Louis and Lake City ordnance plants added later in the year. Production during the latter part of 1944 was scheduled for 5 million rounds per month. That said, does anyone know why the Western T44 cartridges are found only with 1945 (WCC 45) headstamps?



It appears that no one has an answer, so I’ll offer my SWAG, even though you’ve probably thought of it yourself.

5 million bullets is a lot. The bullets already on hand were probably kept for use by FA and LC and it was late 44 or early 45 before enough new bullets had been manufactured for WCC to begin full scale production of the assembled cartridges.