Western Cartridge Company 1987 WCC 1987

[Uploading: image.png…](Hello,
i do have a single Western Cartridge Company 1987 ammunition. It is marked WCC 1987.
Brought from USA to Germany as a Souvenir.
Is that worth anything, or how can i destroy it, without hurting anybody?
Thank you for an answer.
Have nice Christmas

looks like a 45ACP reload.
not collectible and if still live, illegal to have in Germany if you don’t have the proper license

Thank you!
I may give it to a hunter shop to let it destroy.
I am afraid the police would punish me for having this.
Have a happy new year!

At the end of II Welt Krieg people dropped things like this into rivers and lakes. I have a friend who, at the age of 5, was pulling “stuff” out of water near Nuremberg. Once those children got a whole MG34 but then adults came and took it away.

Every construction site here has to be examined and stopped because of possible war bombs.
There are still many finds.
75 years without war. The longest ever in human history in Europe (except that in yoguslavia)
Imagine it is war and nobody is going.
Love, Peace and a happy new year to all of you

Heidi, Ukraine is in Europe too and the war is still on.
Given the geographic centre of Europe Ukraine is even in western Europe. Many people tend to forget this.
Also do not forget the civil war in Moldova in the early 1990s (basically same issue as in Ukraine today). Moldova is classified as a “frozen conflict” now and I fear Ukraine will have the same fate.

And for the pure fact, 85% of the Russian population is living in the European part of Russia. Means most Europeans are from Russia - conveniently forgotten in so many discussions.

And I really can not stand that when so many people are talking of the EU but mean Europe and vice versa. Generalization and brainwash at it’s worst.
Luckily the EU is NOT Europe and hopefully never will be.

All depends on your definition of WAR. I live in the US and I am watching Europe from the outside. I do believe Europe is at war, just not a conventional war, but still a struggle to survive.

You are right, with the Ukraine and Moldova. War and geographic.
I was inaccurate, by just wanting to respond the war bombs inheritance issue.
I just mentioned former Yoguslavia in the early 90´s.
But the EU is a community of values that includes peace and human rights, which hopefully more other countries will benefit from. Instead of following socially backward national movements and banging their heads out of patriarchial greed for power.
As a German I am horrified to see such reviving movements with all their medieval, patriarchial despots in Brazil, the USA, Russia, Turkey, Austria, Poland, Italy …
For my human part, I do everything peaceful in my environment to kindly counter such populists with their stupid simple answers to much more complex issues.
Love & Peace

You don’t show the base of the cartridge.
If it doesn’t have a primer it is inert just brass & lead so it may be legal to keep.
But you should check the laws before you decide what to do.

This is the Basement. Could only upload one picture at a time.

That is a live primer, for sure, and the fact that the cartridge is a reload would indicate that the cartridge is live as well - meaning powder in the case. There would be little or not reason for a person to construct an inert round like this.

John Moss