Western Military Salesman Sample case

Just got this…any comments??


Yes, Its my birthday at the end of September…


Nice very nice

Very nice, thanks for sharing. Please, can you post pictures of the headstamps?



WOW!!! Very Nice.

I agree with Fede, headstamp photo would be nice.

Thanks for posting.


Indeed a great case!

If possible I’d like to see the blasting cap which is hidden inside the cardboard tube.

The head stamps are 1941-44

The 7.92 has unusual ?Chinese markings I’d guess for nationalist Chinese Army?

It appears the fuse lit blasting cap is missing. Other is electric.

I was told by lady who I purchased it from that her grandfather worked for Olin corp. in Saint Louis.

I’ll try to get pictures of HS asap

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An 8ga Cememt / Kiln gun, cartridge?
When was the military using an 8 ga shotgun on a yoke to blast clinkers off the kiln walls ?
& 303 British?
& .45 Colt?
Several of these do not fit My thoughts are it was made up over time, perhaps all Western products but the .45 Colt (unless for General Patton) & the Kiln gun are not WW II military.


What is labeled as a “.45 Colt” cartridge is actually a .45 ACP cartridge which as you well know is WW2. Plus the U.S. produced .303 ammunition for Britain at least in the early years of WW2.

For the 8ga. kiln round, one could stretch things and consider it a “home front” factory round essential to the war effort. Just maybe!


Hi Brian
Yes but would Olin / Western call it a .45 Colt & a not M-1911.
Would Olin / Western call a .45 Line throwing blank just a .45 Blank?
Did Olin make 20 mm Qre?
I’m still not quite convinced its 100%

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It would be interesting to know the headstamp on the 20mm!
I wonder if Western during WW2 provided something used in the production of 20mm ammunition, say primers or something else?

Extract from the The Western, 50th Anniversary Edition (Western Company History, 1892-1942)


Western Cartridge Company History, 1892 to 1942 (WCC).pdf (1.7 MB)


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The electric blasting cap has very stiff wires and I don’t want to tug on it …

For all you skeptics it is presented. An older lady at gun show with grandads stuff. No other ctgs. Said he worked for Olin in St Louis as salesperson…That was all the info she had.


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Meant to say it is presented as found…

I don’t believe it was ment to be just military but rather sample of products for the war effort…

Think what you may but aging on latch and primer punch holes is consistant with 65-70 yrs IMO.

Also this was purchased for a very, very modest sum


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I just noted the 12 ga and 8ga have steel heads consistent with 1943 copper shortage. I’ve seen lots of the 12 ga steel heads but don’t know if 8ga steel head is unusual…

Thanks very much for showing this. I could not tell which is the .30 Carbine hs, but it does not matter, as they are all in the range. If you can, please let me know if the .38 Midrange has the same headstamp as the .38 Special.
Nice set!

Thank you very much for the additional pictures.

I can add that Western indeed loaded 20x110 Oerlikon rounds for the Navy -using cases from other manufacturers- and also made projectiles of this caliber. The example in this display was loaded using a case made by Edward Katzinger Co., Chicago, Illinois (later renamed Ekco Products Co.).

Here a picture of a WCC 20 mm HE Mk. 1 box. They also loaded the Mk. 3 variant and “incendiary” cartridges, which I assume would be HEI.




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The .30 Carbine is 44 HS

I believe the 20mm may be in an Eastman Kodak case as to my understanding EK was their HS and they did make 20mm cases.

Anyone got a source for a blank fused Western blasting cap??