Western Standing Bear/Grizzly Bear box date

I came into a full box of Western Silvertip .30-30 today, in the Bear box. It does have the “Olin Industries” callout, which would date it sometime after 1944. How late were these boxes made?


After 1954, cartons were marked Division of Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp so yours would be during that 10 year period. Another indicator would be the Silvertip bullet itself. It was changed from nickel silver to aluminum sometime during that period but I don’t know the exact year. I have the date somewhere in my files but it would take me a lot of searching to find it.

Surely we have some Western experts here who can date it by the Lot Code.


I had understood from Shuey’s book that the corresponding Winchester .30-30 silvertip bear box had a short life and it is unusual to find one marked in the “Olin Industries” style. I was wondering if the same was true of the Western bear box. If so, maybe I have a rarity. My experience with bear boxes is scanty, the only previous ones I have owned were two in .348 WInchester. And I sold those some time ago. They were memorable as there was a notice about scarcity of metals during wartime making bullet jacket materials different from normal.

Can you read the lot number?

Not very well. There is only a stamped 79(7) on one end flap The (7) may be, and probably is, a 7. That’s all that is visible, and it appears to be incomplete. So not much help there.