Western States Ammunition Show

Thanks to Joe Goforth & Peter the Prescott AZ show has a new home. Below the information. Hope to see you there!

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Pete - would it be possible for you or someone to add some Hotel suggestions on this thread? It would be very helpful.

John Moss

I googled hotels / motels near & these are what I got. Go down through the listings to check the prices. Lowest I saw was $45.00 I have no experience with these hotels so…

Unfortunately, a check with a couple of the hotels finds the rates much higher than what is shown. Seems they up the rates due to demand, a practice I find a little sleazy but then that is only my opinion, during the Baseball Spring Training season, which coincides with the meeting.

Just the way it goes!

John Moss

There are also camping sites and RV sites with hookups at Ben Avery. It is a very nice place for those close enough to drive with a trailer or RV. Weather should be wonderful too! Contact the Ben Avery office for information on camping. $25 a day for RV site with hookups.

Thought I’d bump this up to the top.

Tables are very reasonable at $20.00 each.

I haven’t been but, I understand it’s nice building with plenty of light & parking.

Call or E-mail Peter G as per the advert at the top, & see you there!

PS you folks that live where that white stuff comes out of the sky, come on out & warm up!

Pete, boy I wish. Got over a foot of snow today. Man I hate snow but I like cartridge shows. Ha someday I will make it.