Westley Richards All Range hs

i recently examined some 7.63 Mauser with the WR All Range bullet. Some had a K B hs and others had a KB hs. Was this WR load made with other head stamps?

Mine is: DM * K. *


Regarding the use of the headstamp “K B” with and without stars, according to the very scholarly article “Borchardt’sche Selbstlade Pistole, Part II,” by Dr. G. L. Sturgess, appearing in the Gun Repost Magazine, March 2001 issue, with “K B” headstamp information on Page 45, Kynoch offered in their 1902-03 catalog a loading specifically for the Borchardt pistol having an 8 gram cordite charge.

In the article, he does not deal with the difference in the headstamp with stars and without them. A possibility, though, is that the headstamp without the stars was used by Kynoch for Borchardt-specific loadings, and the one with stars for Mauser-specific loadings. I am not sure of this at all - it is simply a theory. By 1910, Eley was offering a load common to both pistols.

DWM of Germany, using the “* D.M. * K.” headstamp, used a copper primer cup in Borchardt loadings, and a brass cup for Mauser loadings. (Page 43 of the aforementioned article.)

In my own collection, I have rounds with the All-Range bullet with K B headstamps with and without stars, with * D.M. * K headstamp and with no headstamp. The latter has a copper primer and may represent an early DWM loading of the round specifically for the Borchardt.

These are interesting cartridges, and I believe there are still some things to learn about them.

Thank you all for the info. What is value of this cartridge with the K B or KB hs?