What a .50 is that


what a .50 is that


This is one of the Salvo Squeeze Bore loads.

There should be more data here in the forum and sure HWS must have the full story on these.


SSB Projo Types.pdf (200.9 KB)


Jestertoo, thanks for the file. Good to see all the variants!


BTW, are the designations in that doc official designations?


As I understand it the “Type” designations are not official.


The designations aren’t official by any means. There were at least two different companies over a significant period of time that explored that concept, so there’s not continuous timeline or logic in the development process. Many collectors grew frustrated at trying to communicate about the various .50 SSB variants. Without pointing to a photo it’s almost impossible to discuss various types. Ron Fuchs the elder decided to sit down and come up with some way of tagging or ID’ing them with a standard so people could have a decent discussion. So he just sat down and started grouping them and gave them all a “type.” It’s not segregated by manufacturer or era or anything. Anyone could’ve come up with their own shorthand way of naming them, but he dove in. No one’s come up with anything better since, so it’s stuck so far. I aided Ron by supplying photos of my examples and he provided other examples for me to photo. According to Bill Woodin, there are likely many more variants than those pictured, just not yet discovered.


50m2hb thanks for the explanation! I was not aware there were at least 2 companies involved and that the history of the subject remaines to be so blurry.