What are the front loading cartridges?


I am just getting into front loading revolver cartridges and so far the ones I have found are in. .32 teatfire .28 .30 and .42 cupfire. is there any others?

Hi Trevor, here is a list of the calibers that I think you will be able to find with a lot of time and patience. Some are found in several variations, some are rare and expensive, and some are probably almost impossible to find. There are also some one of a kind patent models not on this list. Regards, Fede.

.28 Wood
.28 Cup Fire
.30 Cup Fire
.31 Thuer
.31 Milbank Primed for Colt Pocket
.32 Cup Fire
.32 Teat Fire, Flat Teat No. 1
.32 Teat Fire, Round Teat No. 2
.32 Howe
.36 Thuer for Colt Pocket
.36 Thuer for Colt Navy
.42 Cup Fire
.44 Thuer (FA short case)
.44 Thuer
.44 Franklin
.45 Teat Fire

thank you!

There was also the Soviet Rikhter R-23 (23 x 260), the US experimental T168 (firing the 30 x 120RB T268 round) and the experimental Mauser RMK 30 and RMK 35 recoilless weapons firing caseless ammo. All front-loading revolvers ;-)

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How do I tell the difference between these two?
Case length, I suspect, but I don’t have that info.



Hi Dean,

Min-max case length from several examples:

Pocket: 20.70-21.89 mm (.814-.861")

Navy: 23.31-24.05 mm (.917-.944")



I find these Thuer cartridges are often wrong in there caliber designations because of were they get measured and people aren’t aware this size comes in 2 lengths.
I think its the navy one thats hard to find

Thanks guys!

Fede mentioned additional “one-of-a-kind patent models” too. Here’s an example of a couple of those.