What are these!

Hello, I dug up some old ammunition in a garden I’m currently landscaping. 16 or so bullets. 10 standard 5.52 rounds some live and some blanks and some spent… But six where a lot bigger being 5inches long and the width was an inch across The head stamp reads…
I left hand side (west)
B top (north)
C right hand side (east)
vi bottom (south)

It will only only let me upload on photo so I will go with the head stamp. I have a few more for size and scale.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers Flynn.

The one you are showing is a British (or CW) 1-inch aming rifle case. This one is electrically primed.

Wow OK that doesn’t mean a lot to me. Any idea of age or what they where used for?

Here is another picture next to another one we found

I" Aiming Rifle was a ctg used in a subcalibre target practice device which was fitted to artillery pieces. Used in British and Imperial service c1885-1950. IIRC made in 14 Marks. The smaller ctg looks like a 7x57.

Thank you very much. One last question. The client is very keen to know if they are worth anything ?

In this condition likely close to nothing.
Only after cleaning more can be said but even then value will be in the range of a (very) few USD or EUR.

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