What brand of 9.3mm projectile is this?


I was recently given some new projectiles to add to my 9.3mm projectile collection and one was described as 200 gr Speer. No-where can I find any reference to Speer making a .366 (9.3mm) 200 gr projectile.

It has a silvertip round nose. (non-magnetic)

Measures .365 (as many 9.3mm projectiles do).
.986" in length.
200 grains.

Can anyone identify this please.



Looks like a Winchester Silvertip bullet.


Yes Peter it does but I have yet to see any reference to support that (old shooting mag, catalog, etc) to enable me to confidently catalog it as such.

It has been suggested that it is pre 1980 but again no evidence. And of course the question, why would an American company like Winchester bother manufacturing 9.3mm projectiles pre 1980 when no American made rile then was chambered for 9.3mm? And 200gr of all weights!



A bit out of my area, but could these be for .358 Winchester. If .358" = 9.09mm = bore diameter, then .366 = 9.29mm = groove diameter, a difference of 0.2mm…seems to make sense?



If these are .366" diameter then they are not for the .358 Winchester as those would be .358" diameter.