What caliber is this?

I’ve been trying to identify this cartridge which is a blank, it has a brown varnished wad
C.L. 2.003
RIM .600
Under Rim .490
Mouth .442
Headstamp reads T at (9) 1909 at (12) S at (3) B in a circle at(4) an PE at (6)

Cannon primer, off the top of my head a 48 grain


It’s a Lock Combination Primer, which means it can be fired by percussion or electrically. The black “washer” is the insulator to allow electric firing. It is loaded by hand into the breech block of a cannon just before firing.

Yours is an old one. Later ones had a brass rose petal closure. Here’s a photo of a fired later one.


Ray, there are also automatic systems for such primers.

Smaller caliber case guns also used the Lock Combination Primers in a special short brass case. They were used to test the firing mechanism and, sometimes, to blow out debris or water that may have gotten into the bore.

EOD - I’ve never seen an automatic lock priming mechanism. When were they used?


Ray, these are rather recent like in the German PzH 2000.

I 'm an old man so anything after the KW is news to me. :-)


It is never too late! :)