What Cartridge Board or Sample set were these cap containers from?

Anyone have any idea?

Aaron, top container is typical of Winchester boards. The other one was used by Eley or its successors.




As Fede said, below are some of the standard British Anvils as used at the turn of the last century.
From left to right;
Kynoch; figure of 8 style.
Eley; small thickness cap type (used in pairs, my mistake in setting up the pictures I put two in front but only one in the cap)
Kynoch; standard anvil for the Kynoch cap. (Note you will get a proud cap if you use an Eley primer with this anvil.)
Kynoch; field ready reloadable anvil (found in brass cases mainly, has been seen in some paper cases too)

After I did these pictures a few weeks back now I found the tins with the Banjo shaped ones in, also for the “Field reloadable” type of use. So picture of tins contents attached.

Drawing of case and advert curtesy of Ken’s book on Cartridges of the British Ilses


They were called “Field” by reason of the long leg stuck through the flash hole in the primer cup and could be pushed out with just about any blunt thing that could fit inside a cartridge case, therefor the special tool for decapping was not required, (too many broken pins I guess).

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Hi Aaron,

Top one is Winchester copper # 2 Improved primer, in use since 1885.