What cartridge is this?


I found this cartridge case in a field in Hampshire, England. Does anyone know what it is or what would have fired it? It appears to be brass with a rough lip (probably damaged). Clearly much shorter than a normal cartridge of this size (21mm from base to ragged top. Also no rim or groove for extraction. The base is 28.5mm across +/- 0.5mm. Possibly damaged ! WW2 20mm AA or aircraft cannon cartridge? Picture attached.


Power source for an ejection seat or drop tank? Lack of any means of extraction seems to preclude its use in a firearm. Jack

Its a PIAT cartridge.


PIAT and cart.pdf (345.8 KB)

That is really great, thanks for both answers. It does have a heavy thick base.

Were these marked? There seem to be traces of painted markings on the base. Jack

Dimensions given do not match a PIAT cartridge. Please, can you confirm if the case length is 21 mm and the base diameter 28.5 mm?

The base diameter is 28.5mm and the length is about 21mm - note that the length is for a fired cartridge which, if I understand it, tears in half on firing with the top part staying with the projectile and the heavy base recocking the spring.

Fede is right, the PIAT cart should be 22mm diameter / 28mm long complete.

Blacker Bombard maybe?

I have double checked the base diameter - 28.5 mm +/- 0.5 mm.

Yes! Dimensions match and also those rectangle marks and remnants of stencilled markings.

Thanks everyone.