What country? A discussion question

As many of you know I am remaking the Dunn .22 Rimfire catalogs. We now have progressed to the Non-USA boxes. I have a question. If a box is made in one country, but made for export to another country, Which country should that box be represented in? There are many examples like US boxes made for Canada, Canada boxes made for the US, Mexican boxes made for lots of countries, etc, etc. I’m not referring to boxes like Winchester that are made in Australia (and many other countries) for Australians. That would be an Australian box and placed in the Australia section. But what about an Australian made Omark box that was made for Canada. It could be:

  1. Australian- manufacturer & exporter
  2. Canadian-importer
  3. USA- Omark
    So, in a nutshell, should a box be placed in the country of origin (the Mfgr and exporter) or the country that it was exported to (the purchaser and reseller)? What’s your opinion?

I would place them in both, with a reference to each other.

And mention the place of manufacture and the company they were made for.

A nice example is the Mauser KK80 .22lr ammunition. These were intially produced under the names of DWM and IWK in Karlsruhe-Durlach. Later, when IWK stopped their production, Mauser had them made in Canada and marketed them under their own brand name.