What difference between 6mm Bosquette and 6mm Double Culot, both are 6mm Flobert

Here some pic from 2 boxes of them, one with markings 6mm Double Culot, (2-piece case) and the other with (single) brass cases and marked Bosquette .

Besides the different construction , is there any other difference between the 2, and if not, why they are produced that way?

On the Boxes both are stating Calibre 6mm F (= Flobert)…


Here the Bosquettes:


and here the Double Culot:

Peter, I think just the obvious case construction, as both are 6mm Flobert. But I may well be wrong.

Neat packaging, are they plastic? I see a C.I.P. logo on the Browning.

The Browning logo. perhaps marketing is the difference?

Hi Pete,

they are all plastic-boxes…

Browning Acts only as Distributor and wants their own logo on the boxes…The CIP-Logo on the FN-Box is from the French Proofhouse Saint Etienne…

I want to know, why 2 different constructions, when they are the same caliber….

Merry X.mas

I was thinking the brass case night be for the US market as the double culot might be a hard sell in the US, where the Browning is a well known product. Even though the Bosquette text might be a drawback.

otherwise I have no idea.

Same to you & a very healthy, happy new year