What do I have? (small shotshell)

I’m looking for any information on the middle shell in these pictures. It’s flanked by a 9mm rimfire and an Eley 360 for comparison. I have it listed as “9mm centerfire shotshell” but don’t really know anything about it. Years and years ago when I first started collecting, I was approached by a stranger at a flea market where I regularly dug through boxes of loose ammo. “You that kid that collects cartridges?” I said yes, he fished this out of his shirt pocket, handed it to me, and walked away. Dimensions are as follows.

Rim: .444" / 11.27mm
Head: .387" / 9.83mm
Tube: .378" / 9.60mm
Length: 1.575" / 40.00mm

Despite the picture, it’s more red than orange.

Any and all information is appreciated.

I have two varieties that match one, is classified as a 360 caliber green paper and the other a 9x40 mm W,S, ELEY, this one is all brass


Those dimensions match the 9 mm W.S. by Kynoch or Eley (W.S. = Walking Stick) within a couple of thousands of an inch. I don’t think I have a paper case in all of mine, so a nice cartridge. All my 9mm are brass cases, just checked my photos but you have me thinking now so I will double check my titling of No 3 (RF) and 9 mm to ensure I have not listed any incorrectly.



All my British ones are pocket primed were as all the foreign ones are cup primed, if that has any significance in helping to source your case manufacturer!


In my opinion it is a regular 9 mm shotshell.
I have several different ones of these.
Most of them come from France.

Regards rené

Put a picture of different 9 mm central fire cases.
On the left is an eley .360

Do any of these have headstamps?


HI Dan,

And to be honest, I have never seen a 9mm with a headstamp.

regards rené

Thank you, gentlemen.