What do I have?

Well, my Boss came to me yesterday and asked me if I could tell him what this was. I am an avid Rev war firearms collector and also bolt actin milsurplus collector. I don’t connect amunition much, but do have to make it sometime to fire some of my older rifles.

He was cleaning out his Fater In Laws (FIL) house when his FIL had to be put in assisted living. While doing that he came across 2 items (see below) that concerned him. He took photos and gave them to me. His FIL was a lifer in the Army and was in Vietnam in 1978 when he picked these up. A great guy!

Well, I know enough just to be dangerous. Posted them on our forums (not a ammo forum at all) and one gentleman directed me to here. Much speculation was started there so I decided to come here and get the poop from the experts.

What does he have??

It’s some sort of “perpetrator” round???

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Looks to me like a Long Rod Tank Penetrator

If it is very heavy it is made of tungsten.

I see you added the picture now - looks more like a penetrator than perpetrator ;-)
I’m sure some of our large bore collectors may help, perhaps @EOD can chime in.


Target Practice Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot-Tracer (TPFSDS-T), practice penetrator (NOT tungsten) probably for the old 105mm U.S. Abrams tank gun. These were available on the surplus for a number of years.

From IAA Journal #464, Nov./Dec. 2008 here is an excerpt from the article US Tank-fired APFSDS-T Ammunition, Part One - 105mm by Jason Abels

Got it. Thank you.

I have one, would like one with the sabot on it. Ole whats that worth?

I’d play it safe and say at least $3.50 ;-)
Hopefully you get it’s all in good jest, we disagree on the price list issue, which is, as you say, perfectly legal and fine. Even in Norway.



It is a US 105mm M735 APFSDS-T penetrator, these where widely available on the surplus market after these rounds where made obsolete. They contain quite a large tear-drop shaped Tungsten core. Value, maybe 100-150$ it seems as they have gotten harder to find. Sabots are (basically) impossible to find loose as they were removed prior to being sold on the surplus market.


Excellent information. Thank you guys!!