What do these initials mean on a 45-70 clip?

I found the initials “T.H.P.” on a 21-round clip of 45-70. The font is small and I can find no other markings on the clip. Anyone have any idea on their meaning? I know nothing about clips so any info is greatly appreciated.

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Long Clips of .45/70 were for feeding magazine chutes of US Gatling Guns…also possible for Gardner Two Barrel guns ( both Mechanical Hand Operated Rapid- Firers.) Photo of clip with out cartridges and with cartridges would help.
Doc AV

Inspector’s initials, I don’t know who but I know a guy who does and can find out.

.45-70 Gatling gun clip photos from the internet

From May, 2017.

Léon, I don’t know who is THP. I assume they must be inspector’s initials, but can’t find them in any list.

Jack, it is certainly not a stripper clip, but in my opinion it woul be correct to call it a clip, feed clip or feed strip, as mentioned by Gregg. Gatling called this a “cartridge guide” or “cartridge strip”, and sometimes “charger”, just to add to the confusion. In any case, it remains attached to the feed case until the last round is fired, then removed by hand.



Many thanks, Gents. The clip/feeder/charger is exactly as shown by Brian above. The cartridges are U.M.C. S H .45-70. 500 gr.

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Although we often call them “Gatling clips” -including myself-, they are actually for the Lowell battery gun.

Since my post above quoted by Randy, I have done some research and I think that “T.H.P.” likely stand for U. S. Navy Commodore Thomas H. Patterson, who was President of Board Examiners of the U. S. Naval Experimental Battery, Annapolis, Maryland when this gun started to being tested in 1876.






T.H.P. is not listed in “U.S. Military Arms inspector Marks” by Anthony Daum and Charles Pate.

Thanks for the Lowell clarification.
Another method of cartridge charging for Gatling Gun Chargers ( removable) was a cardboard
Sleeve which held the cartridges Base up, and then was slid down the cartridge shute, allowing the
Rims to engage the slot, and the cardboard to be pulled off forwards.
Doc AV