What do you do if you have 1.5 million 7 mm Medium ctgs


Do you ever wondered how 7 mm Medium cartridges become so common today? This is what happened back in 1966:


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Very similar to the Swedish 8x63 MG ammo imported to Canada a few years ago. made a great source of powder and bullets.


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A related add by Century Arms (1966):


The FN 7x49 Medium was a “stretched” version of the 7x43 developed by the UK and Belgium in the late 1940s for the NATO trials won by the 7.62x51. The increase in length by 6mm was to address US objections about the low muzzle velocity of the 7x43. However, this was still not enough to get the 7x49 selected.

Venezuela was the only purchaser of the 7x49, or indeed of any of the 7mm variations based on the 7x43 as far as I know. Despite this, in its balance of effectiveness, weight and recoil, it was almost certainly a better military rifle round than the 7.62x51.