What does head set mean

I have a empty brass 4"long looks like 50 cal. the head set says WCC 84. I know the WCC is Western Cartridge Co. But I can not find anything on the 84 is it August of 44 or 1984. (there is a space between the 8 and the 4) Also I can’t find any info that says WCC made this large of a cartridge. any help??

84 is the year 1984

Could you post a side view and headstamp view pictures? Thanks.

This can be a bit confusing as there is the Olin Corporation which has as subsidiary companies Winchester Ammunition Division and the Western Cartridge Company. The WCC headstamp in question stands for the Western Cartridge Co. but military ammunition is produced by the Winchester Ammunition Division.

Winchester 1990’s Military Ammunition Catalog with SLAP. Mid 1990s.pdf (5.7 MB)


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photo of a .Cal. .50 B.M.G. headstamp by WCC made in 1984