What does this headstamp mean?

I have 7mm round that came from my grandfather. It was in a box of 7mm Winchester Super X soft points I got when he passed in '95. This round has a headstamp, sectioned into thirds, that reads F N 34. I tried to google it and found few sites but really couldn’t find much more than it was either Belgian or Spanish. No mention of a F N 34 anywhere. The cartridge is brass case and has a pointed magnetic bullet with no copper wash on it. The primer has what appears to be a blue lacquer sealant around it. This came with a number of other oldish rounds, like a green paper Federal shotgun shell (I’m just guessing they probably made those into the 70’s/80’s). Anyways I was wondering if someone could help me identify where it came from possibly. Thanks for reading this, any help is appreciated.

Your cartridge, or at least the cartridge case itself, was made in 1934 by Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre, Herstal, Belgium. It was, at one time, not only a very important firearms factory, but also one of the major European ammunition factories. They sold their military ammunition, by contract, all over the world. I am sure one could, if they wished, make a very large cartridge collection out of nothing but F. N.-made ammunition.