What firearm or firearms does this bullet belong to?

the cartridge is stamped with “R-P 30-30 WIN”. i found it belonged to the Winchester branch but the rounds I’ve found lack the same gray,ash colored tip on the round. please help.

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Cartridge made by Remington with the letters standing for Remington-Peters it is a .30 Winchester Center Fire (W.C.F) otherwise known as a .30-30.
Bullets were made & sold in both lead tipped & full metal jacket.

So it belongs to any firearm chambered for the .30 W.C.F. It’s been said more deer have been killed with the .30-30 than any other case type. Some Police were also issued weapons in that caliber.

Perhaps you were thinking of the Winchester “Silver Tip” bullet, (Sorry for the horrible quality picture)?
Winchester standard lead tip on left, Silver Tip on right:

Badger - regarding the title of your thread, asking which weapon the .30-30 cartridge was associated with, the primary one was the 1894 Winchester lever action rifles and carbines, later more commonly referred to as “The Model 94.” Winchester made more of the rifles and carbines of this model than the total production of some military rifles, not even including an updated sporting version of the rifle renamed the Model 64.

Many other companies made rifles for this caliber as well, such as Marlin, Savage, etc. but the 94 Winchester probably represents a higher number made than the others put together. It is still offered today, although now made for Winchester in Japan. I have no idea how many are made up to now, but years ago, they reach 6.5 Million Model 94s produced. Not all were .30-30, however. The were also made in .25-35, .32-40, and .32 Winchester Special calibers.

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