What German Atrillery Fired This 1918

Here is one that I could use some help with. My ordnance identification is pretty weak. This is only the brass casing. German maker marked as pictured on the headstamp and dated 1918. Just out of the picture is Sp406, I dont know if this is helpful. It is really quite large. 41.25 inches tall 7inches in diameter.

Was wondering what gun fired this?

Thanks liberty

Liberty–There are 5 different German case types of these general dimensions. Please give us the following in millimeters (to the nearest mm) Rim, Case Length, Inside Casemouth. Also all the head markings including what is on the primer.

Ok, rim dia 203mm, length 1045mm inside dia 175mm. Headstamp: 2 over POLTE MARZ 1918 MAGDEBURG Sp406.
Primer is marked C/12.

Thanks Liberty

  • @ Liberty: Your brass shell case was manufactured by “Polte Magdeburg” [Germany] in March 1918 [Marz 1918]. “Sp406” is an inspectin mark and “Sp” may have the meaning of “Spandau”. The primer screw with 3-wrench holes is type “C/12”. Liviu 01/12/08

Liberty–Your cartridge is for one of the following:

17cm K-Bett-Gesch Emplaced Navy Gun (used for coast defense)

17cm K.i.R.L. Navy Gun on Wheels (Heavy Field Gun)

17cm K (E) Samuel (German Railway Gun)

17cm SL L/40 Drh.L. C/1901 MPL C/1902,04 (German Navy)

These all use a case of the same basic dimensions. I would guess it is for the 17cm K (E) Samuel, based on the lack of the German Navy mark of a “M” on the headstamp.

Ok, great! This gets me searching in the right direction.

Thanks Liberty

The german navy has command of the railway guns in WW.1 and so navy barrels where used. In this case the 17cm SK L/40.
The Samuel used this barrel too and used an wheel carriage and a bedding system. There was a lack of trucks and so the over 30 tons heavy, wheeled samuel was used at an railwaywagon too. It is interesting that exactly this gun was used to build up the Wehrmacht railwayguns. Named 17cm Kanone (E), a succesful gun because it could be used in 360

genkideskan, Your pictures are very helpful. That is exactly what I was looking for. You contribution is much appreciated.