What happened to....the Machinery of EC and ECS etc. after 1945?

After downloading “Bullets by the Billion” ( the History of .45 etc Production by EC and ECS between 1942 and 44) and seeing the large numbers of Machines used for .45; .30 carbine & .30/06 Production, I have to0 ask…

What happened to all the hundreds of machines used for the Production?

Where they placed into “Mothballs” for some future (wartime) use, or where they “Surplussed” (as was one factory of Remington/Winchester GOCO to the Israelis), or where they simply “scrapped”, or sold off as individual Machines for conversion to other Press/ Stamping/Drawing etc. Purposes?

TW was “mothballed” and re-activated during the Korean War, as was SL (St.Louis)? Of course LC continued, as did FA;
and WCC/WRA and RA continued with intermittent Contracts…DM, DEN and U/UT and ECS/EC disappear , mostly by the end of 1944, early 1945, although some of their Locations remained as Army depots.

Doc AV

Possibly a combination of things, After the war, some of the machines were sent to some of our allies so they could have an ammunition program of their own. Jerry Marcello had a .30-06 display board from an Asian country showing all the steps to make a case and bullet and loaded round. I forget which country, but Jerry knew that the machines were surplus U.S.

During a Chicagoland International Cartridge Show tour of his Brass Extrusion Labs, Ltd. (B.E.L.L.) plant in Bensonville, IL, Jim Bell explained that he had bought all of his machines as U.S. military surplus, and at a very low price. He had everything required to make any small caliber case, up to the 700 NE, but he did not make bullets.

So at least some of the machines were sent overseas and at least some were sold here as surplus.

I know maybe 20 of the machines from one of these factories ended up in(and is still in) Devine Texas at Elmer Ballance’s shop. He used them to start up the first commercial Springfield Armory and produce M1A rifles. The name was then bought and moved to Illinois.

One of the neatest machines I saw their was a barrel rifling machine. It would do 7 at a time.

Elmer helped me build an M1 Garand from a bunch of parts I bought. It was a fantastic experience.

Well there is a .60cal machine in New Zealand,repurposed for producing other calibre ammunition products.