What happens when I upload a .pdf file?


If I upload a .pdf file instead of a .jpeg for instance, what happens. Does the entire .pdf file open up under the text of my post, or does a link to it appear, or what? I don’t want to upload a .pdf that is 121 pages long unless there’s just a link to it, otherwise, it would take up way to much space. Thanx.


I have no idea. Try it here.



Didn’t work at all. I went through the normal upload procedure, selected a 4-page pdf, but when I tried to upload it I got a message that it was not an approved file type. Looks like an upload must be a picture (JPEG, PNG, etc.). So now we know. This is not a problem. I was just curious.



I went into the settings and added .pdf as an approved file type. So you can now. Also, it looks like it just gives it as a text download link.



OK, here’s a try with the same 4-page .pdf:


Gyrojet Adapter US3717069.pdf (143.7 KB)