What in the world is this?


So I went metal detecting to a German WW2 artillery position and found this weird looking casing (i think) and a live bullet tip in the same hole. The “casing” had gunpowder pellets inside.



Not certain what the bullet is but it sort of resembles a U.S. .30 Cal. Model 1906 projectile, WW1 vintage.




Could be ,because Latvia used this type of ammunition in the 1917 Enfield. The sides of the bullet are quite flat and I’m starting to think that it was run over by some sort of tank or something heavy. Do you know anything about the casing?


More likely a Russian 7.62x5r M1908 ball if in Latvia.
IIRC Latvia used the P14 .303" rifle.


Any idea as to what that “casing” thing is? I found them in the same hole and no idea what that thing is.