What is it "tear gas gun"?

gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt … =458165019

‘anyone have a clue what this “contraption” would propel?

I have seen a lot of less lethal/tear gas rounds and I am a tad slow trying to determine what this modification(?) would accomplish?

It looks a bit akin to a launching cup concept…but surely would not work as they do.

Pepper - I have two books on flare guns, one American and one French. While some other Sedgley, Philadelphia models are shown, this one is not. Looks like it might be something scarce. It does not appear to be just a modified Sedgley, either, as the the stock support seems to be part of a one piece casring of the grip frame, the latter of which otherwise has a normal shape common to several Sedgley variants.

Wish I had more information for you. All I have are the above observations.

I’m pretty sure that the screw in barrel is missing. Cheers, Bruce.

um…'never considered the “barrel” was the missing piece…would make sense

PS: when i said “tear gas gun”…I mispoke and should have said 37 mm flare/tear gas style gun


That’s a neat looking gun. I also think it’s missing the barrel. This patent shows the lugs that engage when the barrel is rotated though here with a pivot attachment:

pdfpiw.uspto.gov/.piw?Docid=0178 … first+page


You dont need a barrel to propel a canister necessarily. These were quite popular years ago, you can use them for informal shooting but a lot were used for training gundogs. They only used a .22 blank but they propelled a drink can a reasonable distance.

google.co.uk/search?q=can+l … B490%3B368

Pepper, this is an incomplete example of a Sedgley 37 mm Long-Ranges Signal and Gas Gun chambered for typical 1.5" rounds of the 1930’s, like those made by Federal Labs. Regards, Fede.