What is it?


Blank? It’s roughly 1" by 1"


Possibly igniter ctg for Schermuly rocket line thrower.


The 1" is a Schermuly propelling cartridge. I think for a line thrower.


Here is my full tin. 30 gns load for 2lb & 6 lb rockets. I have these marked 64 and 65 which I believe is the year. Tin shown has no numbers but is dated Mar 1965.


The blue is for a wire clamp “crimping” tool. I will dig up my info. There are other colors too (powers)


The last 2 pics are from a .375 Dye-Marker, made ones by Para-Ordnance, Ontario.
Primer is from steel, and the plastic case contains a red color filled ball




Number 2 is a cartridge for the Burndy powder actuated cable connector. It looks similar to the Ampact cartridge, but instead of having a center fire primer fired from the inside, this one is rimfire primed and fired like a regular cartridge. Made in red, blue, yellow and white.




Peter, what is this one used with?


1256743.pdf (801.2 KB)


Fede, thanks! Looks like a fun device. And here in Urope it will bring one to jail for about 100 years…


Found this about #2


Is that the para ordnance m85 paint gun ?


That Ampact/Burndy was from my table. I didn’t realize there were two different types (manf & primers). I assumed it was an Ampact and will look at my box and other examples this weekend…maybe I have both

:Special Purpose" is us :) !!!

Leave it to the encyclopedia we all know as Fede



darn it… Now I need a yellow and a white one ;)


Yes, they added a model designation in later ads. Here is more info from Gun Digest 1992:

Pepper, your collection of special purpose cartridges is amazing!

The Burndy is quite old, but never was as popular as the Ampact. Below you can see two pages from an early brochure (1987).

Also, note that the cartridges are “headstamped” with the Burndy logo.



figure to stimulate some chatter with a few odd tool & flash rounds to drive Jester crazy

there’s more in other drawers & shelves

tools-r-us (or special purpose-r-me)


JEEZ! A well perforator and a few dozen anchoring cartridges?