What is it?

This seems to be a very old load I got it as an 44-40 but there is no way the stamp is very weak
but it looks like R 15 W the primer looks like berdan but even for that it looks big the measurements
are are as follow
case mouth-10,66mm
case lenght-28,81mm

It looks to me like a 1915 Rudge Whitworth .303 Mk VII case cut down to create something else…

Thanks for your reply there is a very good possibility thay you are right however a thing like that had not
occurred to me yes the 5 is a 6 after carefull checking only the VII is missing on the bottom however
something is there but there is no way to make it out but on the whole the bottom matches pretty good
however I had never heard of an 303 Rudge Whitworth case of 1915 elaborate if you can
Thanks again Sherryl

Rudge Whitworth Cycle Co., Nottingham, UK manufactured .303 from 1915 - 1918, This just looks like a RW case that has been cut down and formed in to another cartridge.


Possibly a 44 Russian?

There’s not much I can add Sherryl. Rudge Whitworth was just one of several commercial businesses contracted to manufacture ammunition for the Government. However, what does make my particular headstamp unusual is that the ‘VII’ is inverted…it is normally the other way up for a ball round. This is not a mistake and was a deliberate marking to hide the fact that this was one of the new ‘secret’ tracer loadings. To confuse things even more my particular example was not loaded with a tracer but with a Mk VII Ball bullet. If it were a tracer it would not have the stab crimps around the neck as these were thought to damage the tracer canister.

A bit short, but it looks like it might be a home-made Gasser-Montenegrin.

Thank you all for writing I go with the opinion of a 303 cut down case the 2 bottoms are to similar me think
that in the bad economic times of the 1920-30 someone tried to make some cheap 44-40 or 38-40 when
there was no money for Ammo leave alone for food.Thanks Jim for the 303 lesson in this hobby one never
ceases to learn

I have seen some of the RW made .303 cases with very lightly struck headstamps.

This appears to be an example. This is why some parts of the headstamp are missing.