What is known about this bullet?

These bullet photos were sent to another US AZ collector from Europe asking if it was military or sporting. Can anyone ID it? Why the holes & would the holes make it unstable? Any other thoughts or comments are welcome. Perhaps had to see but this shows fine turning marks.
I see what looks like short raised areas to some of the raised rings, any ideas about those? Perhaps unfinished product?
(ruler is mm)

Pete–What caliber is it?

There are some ported experimental italian bullets that are quite similar,both for rifle and pistol and turned from solid brass


Ron, you know about as much as I do as to caliber, use the ruler in the photo & make an educated guess. 7mm? & 270?
As I said this is from Europe, to another collector here in the US, to me.

Thanks Pivi, perhaps the same?

I will show your pictures to the maker of those ported bullets. Anyway, my bullets have a hole drilled through the entire body ( from the bottom) and the other holes dissipate the explosion gasses to reduce recoil. Has your bullet a similar hole?

I’ve sent the US guy your post, to send on to the original question poser.
So we shall wait.

Sorry to interject, but I do not see any vertical holes going through the entire body from top to bottom, one can see both top and bottom in pictures 3 and 4.

Vlad, your are right. Actually it seems that the only thing that the holes on Pete’s bullet can do is a very loud whistle… maybe a kind of “alarm bullett”???

My thoughts about the holes is that they would PERHAPS collapse & provide mushroom when in soft tissue, as most of these solid brass/copper function best when striking bone, from what little I know about this materials terminal effects. I think / hear this sort of material is now being used as a core in the latest 5.56x45 NATO AP the M-855A1.

Think there was a back thread here about Picatinny Arsenal’s involvement in the M-855A1.

A local gun maker (who makes new Mauser square bridge actions) has taken a similar bullet material to Africa hunting & he reported the (solid) bullet passing lengthwise, clean through, some large sized game they shot.

Another question raised was would these holes make the bullet unstable?